“As we evolve, our homes should too” 

While you spend a lot of time in your living room, there are many things we want to change over time and give it a makeover. The living room being the focal point of any house, here are some astute ideas to give your living room a simple yet alluring makeover. 

Let’s get started….. 

1. Add a rug-

Adding a rug in your living room under the seating area will add warmth and a sense of completeness to the space. It will also add softness to the place and will be pleasant underfoot. However, selecting a rug can bring you questions like…
“What should be the size of the rug? “
“Should the rug match the color of the room or what color rug should be? “
“What type of rug?”
Let’s look at all the questions quickly.
  • The rug shouldn’t be very small and it shouldn’t be very large. It should simply cover the edges of your seating area, doing so will make the room appear larger. One can opt for square, rectangular or circular rugs, however placing a circular rug can be a little tricky. Some of the commonly used rug sizes are 3′ x 5′ , 4′ x 6′ , 4′ x 8′ , 6′ x 9′ , 5′ x 8′ , 4′ x 4′ , 6′ x 6′ , 8′ x 8′ .
  • Picking a rug color can be difficult so here is some quick help. You should not try and match the color of the room to the rug, just take the hues of the room while choosing the rug. If the furniture is a solid color without a pattern you can opt for a patterned rug or vice versa. If you are unsure about the color, pattern, and print, stick to a neutral color rug, with a soft and muted pattern.
  • There are different types of rugs available- wool, synthetic, viscose, silk, etc. Synthetics are a little easier on the pockets compared to wool and silk. Every material comes with its features so it’s best to see, feel, and decide.





2. Introduce Accent chair or poufs-

What is an accent chair or what is a pouf?
Accent chairs are basically seating pieces that have a role beyond function, they add up to the decor of the room, bring out a focal point, and make the room vibrant. It provides visual interest to the room as well as to the interest and personality of the room.
Poufs are nothing but a large solid piece of cushion used for seating. Poufs are very trending and can be placed one or two of them along with other furniture.

Accent chairs are generally large in size, you will need to make some space for the accent chair whereas the pouf will make space for itself along with the rest of the furniture. A nice contrast can be created which will complement the design style of the room.

3. Pop some throw cushions –

Adding some throw cushions will bring a spark to the room. It will not only elevate the room but also the design features. It may seem like a small part of the design process but will bring out a huge difference as it will add to the quirkiness of the room. One can introduce solid-colored or mix and match print or even get some bling through these decorative do-gooders. Depending on the overall color scheme of the room, go for a neutral grey/ivory or vibrant mustard or bling some gold, making the room look more charming and welcoming.

4. Let the artwork talk –

The “Earth” without art would be “Eh”
Choosing art for your space is a very personal choice, as it says something about the people that live in, about the vibe of the place. The artwork is generally at the bottom of the to-do list while designing a house, but it cannot be underestimated as it has the power to convert a place from drab to glam. When you enter a room, your eyes typically go to the dominant piece of artwork, or artworks hanging on the wall. It not only draws attention but also is a conversation starter in itself. You can choose your artwork as per your personal choice- abstract, floral, traditional, modern, illustrations, doodles so on, and so forth.
Pick an empty wall that you think would make a great place for art, arrange them in the clutter with different sizes or a single big piece of canvas is a great way to make the room look more enticing.

5. Bring in some light with a floor lamp –

Floor lamps can enhance the intimacy of a room and provide lighting to specific seating or task areas by making them more functional. They have a strong effect on the mood and the overall style of a room.
Floor lamps can be placed beside the sofa or can be standing alone in a corner. It will add height, elegance, and make a statement in the room. There are a variety of floor lamps to choose from- arched, pillar, sleek, tripod, etc.

6. Get the freshness of some greens-

How can a room be complete without adding the freshness of some greens? Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing and bringing natural beauty to space, it has a lot of additional benefits too which every one of us is aware of. It helps clean air and provides oxygen, even if you don’t see a plant’s presence, seeing a plant subconsciously makes you feel calm and relaxed.
you can visit your local nursery and talk to a plant specialist to find out which is better, one can go for air plants, succulents, and regular house plants.

7. Style it up with accessories-

Last but not the least, add accessories. Accessories are a powerful tool to pull out textures, hues, patterns, and forms, they are more than just objects. They are functional in their forms- vases, antiques, books, bowls. They help put everything together and make it look complete.
Try not to spread it out too much as it lowers its visual impact, you can style up your furniture pieces with a cluster of accessories or pair them up with greens placed well together on the center table, side table, console, or T.V unit.

That’s all you need to do to give a quick makeover to your living room. Hope you guys liked it, do share it with your friends, and stay tuned for more.

*Image source- Pinterest*